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The last time Democrats controlled the House

Starting January 2009, at the beginning of the 111th Congress, in the month that Barack Obama was inaugurated president, the House of Representatives was made up of 257 Democrats and 178 Republicans. There is no question that Democrats had total control in the House from 2009-2011.

Now, with that fact, formly in mind, let me ask you something (or two).

During the time indicated above, The Democrats enjoyed a 60 person filibuster-proof majority in the Senate as well. And, as already noted, they also had the White House.

Tell me, please, why didn't they talk then (or move on it) about changing the electoral college? There was absolutely no talk then, about how unfair it is that small states get equal representation, in the Senate, to large states.

And while I know the vast majority of my readers know the answer, the following is for those who stray to these pages and don't have a news reporter or Democratic official on stand-by, to tell them to ignore it.

The reason you didn't hear anything about these things from them, then, was that "it's fair." We're in control, therefore it's all good. The difference now is that there is a Republican majority and a Republican in the White House. Somthing MUST be wrong!! We know, it's that blasted electoral college. Our country's forefathers messed us over with that and the 2nd Amendment!! We were cheated!!

And while it's obvious to the vast majority of us, just who, in reality, is responsible for "messing over" the Democratic Party, just for "funsies," I'll spell it out here.

You did it to yourselves! And if I could, I'd high-five Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Shumer, Hillary Clinton and every single one of the rest of that circus, who collectively and individually, have worked so hard to set women's rights back 50-plus years! I would high-five them not for what they have done to women and minorities alike, but for what they have done to their party and the platform on which they base everything.

Think about it.

I, personally, watched, for over three decades that I served as a law enforcement officer, as groups were formed and tirelessly addressed politicians, taught law enforcement academies and medical schools that rape was a crime and should be treated and prosecuted as such. Don't treat it as "just another crime," a "he said, she said," pursue it diligently as the victims of such crimes are coming to us, depending on us to help them.

And, thanks to the Democrats, Senator Dianne Feinstein specifically, she, almost single-handedly, unraveled all that which was worked for, by victims and their supporters, for years!

So, what does the latter have to do with the former, the heading of this piece? Everything.

The Democrats have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, once again, that "you should willingly throw yourself under the bus to keep the Democratic fat-cats in power!" What's the most recent thing that you've heard about the Justice (sounds good doesn't it?) Kavanaugh's chief accuser, Christine Blasey Ford? Nothing you say? Why is that? Could it be because she is no longer of any use to the Democrats? Her name and oftentimes, face, was in the media daily, if not hourly, until it all fell apart.

Folks, the reasons above and trust me, more, is why you see a major departure from the Democratic Party. The latter is claiming a "blue wave" come November and personally, I predict that wave will take place before mid-terms. The wave that is separating them from a narcissistic party is growing in size and numbers.

When Republicans step up to the plate in November, their vote will be to solidify all of the positives that President Trump is making (that will be another article) and to send him and the rest of Washington a message.

The times have changed. We're moving forward. Come and be a part of the solution or continue being a part of the problem.