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I'm baaaaaaacccccck!

As promised (or threatened, depending on who you are), I've returned with my blog. Now, before I go any farther, I need to say something that I truly hope everyone who reads it, understands.

I have never thought, for one instant, that I'm "special" or that others should wait, with baited-breath, for what I have to say about anything. In fact, the total opposite is much closer to the truth. I had no idea, whatsoever, that ANYONE "followed" my posts on Facebook, until a couple of times that I failed to logon to Facebook, for a stretch of two or three weeks straight. I received a significant number of private messages, asking if I was okay, if I was planning on returning, etc. That, folks, was my first hint that anyone was actually reading my "soapbox" moments and personal notes.

The next "hint" came, several years ago, in the mall, when a lady, whom I had never met before, came up to me and said "excuse me but is your name Ron Cowart?" Well, a lot of y'all know me, so my response was "that depends, who is asking?" She promptly identified herself and went on to say that a close friend of hers, someone I do know, suggested she read some of my posts, simply because our ideology paralleled one another. She added that she had been a "fan" ever since. *poor thing*

The final hint came, from all places, Walmart, in Central. A couple, who I have known for some time, saw me and "whispered" (literally whispered) "we enjoy our morning coffee together, reading your posts." The guy even looked over his shoulder, like we were exchanging national secrets or something. Anyway, I good-naturedly (albeit seriously) replied "y'all need to get out more and get a life."

I said ALL of that to say this.

I was and remain as surprised as anyone reading this, that there is another living soul who would be interested in my viewpoints about ANYTHING! I absolutely do realize that I think a little differently about a lot of things and that's not bragging either. The truth is, some would view that as a liability. I've just accepted the fact that the Lord has made us all different (some more than others) and rather I personally like something about me or not, He loves me and that's all that matters,

Finally, this.

The blog, here, came about, after I had received a number of notices, from Flakebook, er, Facebook, that my post had been deemed in violation of their terms and was being pulled. It always took place, AFTER someone out there, complained about something I said, apparently not agreeing with it and wanted it gone. And since I don't use profanity in my posts, I knew they couldn't "hang their hat" on that peg. I have used the term idiot(s) in generalization, however, in my own defense, it came as a result of my limited vocalbulary and I simply didn't know how else to describe someone or a group.


.....what's written in this blog isn't going to be pulled, edited or deleted. Like it or not, and that goes for the author as well, we're here for the duration.