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Eddie Rispone, businessman and now politician

We're about a year out from our next election for Louisiana Governor, so let the race begin!

Baton Rouge businessman and founder of ISC Constructors in Baton Rouge, Eddie Rispone, has announced his candidacy for Governor of Louisiana.

Rispone, by all counts, is a stalwart conservative and longtime contributor to the GOP. While he's not known for being a politician (like that's a bad thing), he is highly regarded in business. Rispone founded ISC Constructors in Baton Rouge in 1989, and he’s grown it into a company with offices in Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Beaumont and Houston and a $329 million-a-year business employing 2,500.

Rispone has reportedly set aside somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million of his own money to get his campaign started. That will be followed-up by money raised from planned fundraisers in the upcoming months.

We're just getting started folks, in a race that will, at the very least, be interesting.